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Q. How do you suggest a bride choose a makeup artist?

A. You must feel comfortable with the right person, request a makeup trial. I recommend scheduling your trial(s) on days when you have events or dinners. You’ll get the opportunity to see friends and family, gage how comfortable you are with the look, and get honest feedback. But remember: you are the one wearing it, so your opinion matters the most.

Q. When should I book my Trial in?

A. 3- 6 month before the date of your wedding and you have your dress style and theme of wedding all in place

  • Don't Come in Unprepared

  • Don't come to your trial with a full face of makeup on

  • Block out up to two hours to do the makeup OR hair trial, so there's time for questions or changes


Q .What’s the difference between “bridal makeup” and “everyday makeup

A. Bridal makeup differs from daytime makeup in the sense that it needs to be appropriate for both photos and for real life. It also needs to have more staying power than everyday makeup; you’ll likely need to add a few more steps in the prepping process to achieve this

Q. Many brides choose to wear false eyelashes on their wedding day. Do you recommend this?

A. This is really a question of preference; big lashes make your eyes pop and appear larger, but if you haven’t worn them before, they may feel uncomfortable and overbearing. I recommend trying them before your wedding until you find the right shape, length, and thickness for you.

I also highly recommend a trial beauty look to test out lashes, new products, foundation, and new colours you’re trying out. A makeup trial ensures that you’re comfortable and that your makeup performs as you want it to


Q. How to prepare skin for the wedding?

A. Drink a lot of water and start a daily skincare routine Cleanse, Tone , Moisturise eight months before your wedding. If you can fit it in your budget, go for facials to assess your skin needs and concerns.

Q. How should I deal with a last-minute spot?

A. First of all, don't mess with it. That will only make it worse-trust us on this. Instead:  Head to the pharmacy and apply an over-the-counter product that contains either cortisone to help calm the redness. Once you've applied the topical fix, allow your makeup artist to work magic with a good skin-soothing concealer that hides as well as heals. 

Oily skin - Re-evaluating your diet may be beneficial as there is a proven correlation between certain foods and acne , find a moisturiser that’s lightweight and oil-free to keep your skin soft and properly hydrated.


Most stylists advise opting for something that's timeless-a loose twisted chignon, soft waves, an elegant top knot. Never feel the need to grow out your hair. That's what extensions are for, with them, all looks are possible.

Q: Should I wash my hair the day before the wedding, or on the day?

A:  It is very important that you not wash your hair the day of the wedding. Your hair’s natural oils act as a natural softener and create texture which helps to keep it in place, hold curl and create a beautiful finish; i.e. no frizz!  I suggest washing your hair in  the morning the day before.  If on the day of your event, you find an area has become very oily or greasy, for instance your fringe, you can spot-wash that area and dry it.

If the thought of unwashed hair on your wedding day is something that you struggle with then by all means wash your hair. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy every part of your wedding day with out worrying about having  ”dirty hair”. Just let your stylist know ahead of time so she can add some ” dirty” products such as dry shampoo or volume powder to add some texture to your freshly washed, slippery hair.